Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Budget Bathroom

Welcome to my 1950's bathroom!

Yes, that is a cedar closet in the bathroom... a closet that rivals the size of the one in our bedroom (and a much nicer one, at that!).

So... we have been in our home for roughly 2 months now, and I have been bathing in a half-gutted bathroom... It's AWFUL! 

 We initially were just going to replace the shower walls as a temporary fix, and focus our efforts on the kitchen... once we peeled down those fiberboard shower walls though, it was apparent that there was no easy fix for this... it had to be done first.

So... I started shopping.  I'm a craigslist'aholic, I will admit this right off the bat.  I'm addicted to a good deal.  I will NOT pay full price unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Now, I am in love with the antique furniture style bathroom vanities, but they are expensive.  My mom has them in her home, and I love love love LOVE them.  I don't do plain.  Sure, I can get away on the cheap with some run-of-the-mill box style... but where's the fun in that?  I'm willing to spend a little bit extra on what I REALLY want.  Style and function... I needed both... there in lies my problem... in a 52k home, I can't justify a $15k+ bathroom.  This needed to be a $5k remodel... TOTAL.  

OK... I can do this.

So... I had a style in mind, antique, with a twist of coutry charm, but with a modern touch.... simple enough, right?

After a month of searching incessantly, I FOUND IT!!!  The vanity of my dreams.  But it had a cracked granite top... bummer.  $1700 from Home Depot, Pegasus Estate Vanity in Mahogany... I scored it off craigslist for $600, no top, but with both sinks, brand new.   (I ordered a replacement black/chocolate granite top through Home Depot for $400+ $150 freight shipping.... with 10% off, I ended up paying $515 after tax) So, we drive 2 hours to NJ to pick it up.

Turns out, he has this tub.  Now, we were looking at Kohler Archer tubs, the drop in, so we could build a custom surround, and tile it.  Turns out... the tub he has, is a Kohler Archer Jet Tub, with an apron.  He said he wants $400.  Since it wasn't EXACTLY what I wanted (GAH!), I told him I'd do $300.  DEAL.  (It's a $750 tub through Home Depot).

Then we get our slate tile.  50% off!  Our toilet, now... this was my splurge.  $300 + the quiet-close lid (another ~$45)... but it was a MUST HAVE!  Kohler Memoirs 2 piece comfort height.  (Yea, I got 10% off that as well... thank you Home Depot for accepting Lowe's coupons... my tip of the week... bring competitors coupons, they will usually/always accept them!)

The only items we paid full price for, was the faucets my boyfriend fell in love with.  I'm not gonna lie... he's got good taste, they look stunning.

Anyway, here's everything laid out, with our at-the-moment color choice for the walls... I'm not sure if I'm thrilled with it... I was also considering a sage-green'ish color.  What do you think?

We're also going to be retrofitting a hot-water radiant heat flooring system since we currently have hot water baseboard heat... which I HATE!  They are such an eyesore.  

So far, we're under our budget, and should still come in around the $5k mark even after the radiant heat flooring.  I'll keep you updated on how well our budget stays once the work gets under-way... in roughly a week or two.

Any thoughts or ideas are always welcome!  



  1. Don't forget to add the electrical and plumbing into your cost. I think that might be the killa.

  2. We have the memoirs pedestal sink and toilet, love them - I also got the sink on CL for $50 (a ridiculous deal) and the toilet was purchased for $200 through our plumber friend. I think all the elements you purchased are going to be GREAT together!

  3. Here from just over the river :) Going to follow along and watch the renos!

  4. Lisa - Hans (my boyfriend) will be doing the electrical and plumbing with the help of his friend who is a contractor/handyman. He, of course, has a boyscout merit badge in plumbing, so, he assures me he knows what he is doing! haha

    Sara - I absolutely fell in LOVE with the memoirs toilet... as corny as that sounds, and just had to have it! Who says a toilet has to be ONLY functional? Why not make it work with the style of the room as well?

    Karrie - Thanks! I have more to update with, I just need to sift through all of my pictures! This is going to be an interesting project once we really get going!

    On another note, my new shower fixtures arrived yesterday! They look even better in person! I can not wait to get this bathroom together!!