Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bathroom Bliss

Well, judging by the date on my last blog entry... I've been slacking.  BIG time!

So... here is a picture-heavy update on what we have been up to.

We finished spackling the walls, primed and painted them.

Installed the sconces and mirrors.  We also opted to go with a darker color on the ceiling.  It really gave the room a much more cozy feel to it.

And finally, on to the flooring!!!

Hardibacker was mortared and screwed every 6".  The last thing we wanted was cracking tile and grout later down the road.

Laying down the GORGEOUS slate tiles!!  We laid them all out, and sealed them the night before. 

We carried the tile out into the hallway as well.  


My boyfriend, and his friend finishing up the plumbing for the vanity.  This piece was just the cherry on top.  It actually makes the entire room feel larger.  We also got the floor molding painted and installed as well.  

I am IN LOVE with these faucets!!  And they use 30% less water than a regular faucet!! 

The vanity and sinks finished off, with a peek of the molding

And last of all, my favorite seat in the house!

We do have a bit more finishing to do.  We still have to cut and install the crown molding, finish touching up the base molding, and install the new window and door.  (which should arrive sometime within the next week)

This is the door we will be getting, with frosted glass panes, painted white.