Monday, August 15, 2011

Shower Tile.... DONE!

FINALLY!!!!!!  After hours upon hours of thinset, spacers, cutting, leveling, more cutting, back-buttering, and eye-balling it, we are FINISHED with tiling the shower!  Unfortunately, Lisa and the Dude are not far behind!!!

Tile Tetris 

Next time, I am totally doing tile sheets throughout the entire project!

Here is the inlay as we progressed.

We sloped the bottom as well to make sure we wouldn't have any pooling water on the shelf.

We used bullnose pieces to trim it all out, for a nice clean finish.

For the outer edges of the shower, we didn't want to just end it at the edge of the wall, so we opted for rounded corner pieces to bring it around to the outside wall, then finish with a clean bullnose piece.  

The finishing look these give is absolutely stunning, however, these corner pieces were a royal pain!  Hans had to trim the backing of each individual tile (all 30'something of them), in order for them to lay closely enough to the wall so we would have a clean finish (and I might add he did a great job!!).  But all that work was totally worth it!!!  We are ecstatic with the finished product!!

Now, all we have left to do is grout.  We've been leaning towards a sandstone'ish color, but are torn between that sandstone color, and traditional white.  What are your opinions on darker colored grout? 

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  1. Originally I was thinking a slate color, but now I think white would look nice and hide any imperfections (not that there is any!!).