Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden of Surprises

Well... I've been quite the slacker in keeping up with my posts here.  I guess that is what an overload of work, home renovation disasters, and distractions will do.

So... I'll just get back into the swing of things with some pictures from our garden.  Our home had previously been occupied by single women for the last few decades, and it's quite apparent they all had a green thumb.  We've watched impatiently as flowers started sprouting up this spring... and they have not stopped!

We both run outside each morning with excitement to see what else has popped up!  This garden is new to us, and we have refrained from removing much of anything, as we have no idea what had been planted there.  So, it really is a Garden of Surprises.  And every morning I am greeted with another beautiful bloom.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them!

Our surprise flowers in front of our stone wall!

Hosta Circle.

Our Tulip garden, on the far side of our yard (bordering the neighbors walkway)

ENORMOUS daffodils!

Sprucing up the front yard a bit.

Our planter out front, after it had filled in a bit more.

Pruning back our 15' tall Butterfly Bush

Cedar Mulch, and our new Rhododendron's

Our almost fluorescent Purple Rhododendron

Every variety of Hosta imaginable in our back yard!

Some Elephant(?) Hosta and Ivy under one of our 100+ year old pine trees

A lonely ant, helping our Peony bloom

Peony, at full bloom

From one of the 3 or 4 rose bushes we have

Some of the Ivy growing under the pine tree in our side yard

I can't remember the name of this flower, but we had DOZENS of them.

Some ENORMOUSLY overgrown bush, that one day turned bright magenta!

Closeup of the blooms

A chromalusion critter that decided to drop by

Some surprise Hydrangea's that appeared behind our shed!

Some miniature blue flowers, that appeared right next to the Hydrangea's.

Some more fun little bundles.

Some big green evergreen shrub that has swallowed our shed

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